Hey I'm Jodi, your Thrive Life consultant!

I'm so excited that you are interested in hosting a Thrive Life text party with me.  This page will give you ALL the details on how to get this party started including what rewards you will earn, what a text party includes, and how to have a successful party.

Shoot me a text at 717-788-3663 to book your party ASAP!

Host Benefits

Earn Three Free Meals - MARCH ONLY

  • Give friends 15% off when they order through the Monthly Delivery Service
  • Get 10% in Thrive Credit for the value of their first order
  • Double Dip! Get 10% in Thrive Credit based on the value of your first order when a friend orders within 90 days of your first purchase
  • 3 FREE MEALS when at least one person orders through your party link

What's a Text Party?

Everyone texts so why not do text parties!?  Instead of having to clean your house, prepare a bunch of food, and hound people to come on a certain day/time ... you can host a simple text party.


Easy to join. Guests text a keyword like "JodiParty" to my special phone number any time during the duration of your party.  


Easy to watch. This text triggers the "party" to start.  Guests will then get a series of texts over teaching them all about Thrive, showing them how to cook with it to save time and money in the kitchen, and how to buy it.


Easy to share. It's as simple as that.  Share your special text link with the world and earn tons of free food!

How it Works

  • Step 1:  Set up your unique customer referral link
  • Step 2:  Choose your party date range (3-5 days is best)
  • Step 3:  Create a short intro/testimonial video (optional)
  • Step 4:  Invite your friends to the text party (they can start it at ANY TIME during the party date range)
    • Share on social media
    • Send invites via text
    • Call and invite
    • Tell about it in person
    • Send emails out to those interested in preparedness
  • Step 5:  Follow up with your friends to see if they checked out the party and if they have any questions about how to order. 
  • Step 6:  Thank your friends who place orders (I'll give you a heads up so you know who to thank)
  • Step 7:  Enjoy your 30% Thrive Credit rewards and start shopping!

Are You Ready to Party?

Shoot me a text at 717-788-3663 to book your party dates ASAP!

Jodi Weiss Schroeder