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Practicing Healthy Habits daily, and Creating healthy habits is performance art. It’s an art form that involves sequences of small movements, actions, and behaviors, joined together to purposefully create the beautiful being that you are.


Small, daily movements, whether improvised or intentional, are the medium for sensing, understanding, and feeling experiences. It’s a way of opening a mind-body dialogue where we can explore ourselves and our position in the wider world in which we live.


Like anything else in life that we desire to create, the elements of creating and moving through daily healthy habits requires some prior knowledge as we begin our wellness-in-motion dance and develop an understanding of the ultimate art medium: your own body.


Your wellness journey should be creative & fun! Here at Gallery Barre, I want to see you do more than just survive…I want to see you thrive! When you allow yourself the time to move, breathe, nourish and restore your body, you move into being the best version of yourself!


Through unique dance-inspired classes in barre, Pilates, and yoga you will learn to balance the synergy of your mind and body. And with our Healthy Habits Simplified program, you will learn how to nourish your whole body with simple tweaks to your food and body care choices.


Through these meaningful changes in movement and behavior, you will begin to feel your overall mood, energy, and well-being soar!



"Robin is a fantastic resource for whole life wellness. As an educator, I really enjoy the way she gives you the reasons WHY behind her recommendations, and the science behind them. As a Barre and Pilates instructor she really understands the marriage of body work along with what we put in our bodies and on our skin. I was a former dancer, and she and I really connected on being present in your body, and the knowing when something isn't quite right. If you are looking to work with a warm and energetic woman, that is open to sharing her wisdom to help you achieve a better balance in your body, then Robin is it!”



"I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with the products"


"Robin gives her honest opinion and is knowledgeable about products.
I love how the products make my face feel and look. A little goes a long way."


"Love the meal replacement shakes and bars! Those combined w/leafy greens and a balanced meal get me through the day. I’m a busy mom still in that I caregive weekly for my mother who is very ill. The FizzSticks, Mind Heath and Stress Relief products literally keep me going throughout the day (and night). I cannot say enough about these Arbonne products. Thankful for my rep as well! Maria has helped guide me every step of the way."


This page was created by Arbonne Independent Consultant, Robin Florentine, ID 24017618.  Typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.