Island Time Delivery 


Welcome to the island!

We know how it feels to get to the Island and have to spend hours shopping for groceries and supplies.. not to mention going up and down the stairs to get it stocked in the heat..ugh!!   We offer this service for those of you who would like to arrive and start enjoying your vacation immediately.  The Ferry can be tricky as well if you don't have a car or a limited pass.  We have a boat to make it easier, too!


We will pick up your shopping list from any of the following stores and deliver it to your door before, during or upon your arrival- you choose!  We will even stock the fridge and pantry for you.


This is how it works:

1. Click on the business(es) of your choice below


2. Place a "pick up" order with Steve Parrish (Island Time Delivery owner) as the pick up contact


3. Select the pickup time between 8am-3pm


4. Pay for your order with your payment of choice


5. Text the word "relax" back to this #/ save us in your contacts!!  (806-302-0040)

Please send a screen shot of each one of your order confirmations-- you'll be able to see them in your email


6. I will send you a link to pay the delivery service based on how many places you need me to go and stocking fee, if you choose.  We accept Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo,  your choice. Tips are appreciated! 


7. If you forget anything or need to visit/make changes, please text here to let me know and I will call you back ASAP








Publix Grocery Store

Use the App or go to the site and select "curb side pick up order"

Publix #400- Merchants Crossing

1500 Placida Road, Englewood, FL


Englewood Supercenter, Placida, FL 34224

Sams Club

Port Charlotte, FL

Delivery Rates

Single Delivery: $100

Each additional stop: $35

Fridge/Pantry Stock: $20


(example: Publix- $100, Walmart, $35 and Sams $35 =  $170. Total paid to

Island Time Delivery

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