November 2023

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Multiple studies have found a connection between feelings of gratitude and overall happiness.  In addition, kids who are grateful tend to be more optimistic, have (and give) more social support, be more engaged with school and activities, and be less depressed.  We want ALL of this for our kids!  Here are some ideas for how to instill a sense of gratitude in your kids:

1) Encourage them to say "thank you" on a regular basis.  This may seem forced at first, but it creates a good habit, and a sense of connection between an act of kindness and appreciation.  Make sure to point out when your child displays gratitude without your prompting.

2) Perform acts of kindness.  There are so many things to be grateful for, and acts of kindness demonstrate appreciation for the world and other people.

3) Model gratitude.  Our kids watch everything we do!  So we need to say "thank you", express feelings of gratitude, and talk about the things we are grateful for.  

4) During the months of November and December, we have a special Buy 1, Give 1 promotion!  When you purchase a title from this category, we will donate a copy of the same book to First Book, our non-profit partner.  Help your child select some books they would love and would like another child to love as well!  

We can create a world of happy, grateful people!  The future is ours to mold!

November Book of the Month

A World of Gratitude



Take a journey around the world and discover how different cultures and communities show gratitude. You can even learn to say "thank you" in over 50 different languages. Every page highlights the vast array of ways that gratitude is significantly different in language, culture, and even hand gestures. Sections are dedicated to how we can be grateful for people, nature, and anything we give and receive. 


October Literacy Tip

MYTH: Young readers won't retain information or literature read aloud unless it is at their reading level.

FACT:  A child's listening comprehension is 2-3 years higher than their own reading level.  So reading those "older" books helps them EXPAND their vocabulary by introducing them to words beyond their own.

Current Specials

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Oct 31-Nov 2 ~Bayou Village School

Nov 2 ~ Johnson Memorial School

Nov 3 ~Corpus Christi Catholic School

Nov 7-8 ~Mariner Montessori Heights

Nov 10-11 ~Dicken,s Cypress Creek

Nov 12 ~Corpus Christi Catholic School

Nov 16-19 ~ Woodlands Junior League Holiday Market

Nov 21 ~ Children's Museum Woodlands

Dec 2-3 ~Dicken's on the Strand, Galveston



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your book pal, Sharron

Sharron Sanborn is a Brand Partner and certified Educational Services Representative with PaperPie, a division of EDC Publishing. She is based in Houston, TX.