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The Campaign Registry (TCR) Explained & FAQ

The Campaign Registry Explained

Sole Proprietor:This business type is for

small business owners

sending commercial messages. 

Private Company:This business type has an EIN (US) or Business Number (Canada) with a corporate hierarchy. 

If TCR is giving you trouble, please send us a message at


  • Why do I have to register?

    • Recent changes in compliance for sending text messages require that you provide additional information on your account. We have created a streamlined process for you to accomplish providing the info and stay compliant. You must complete this process as soon as possible to prevent message interruption. 

  • Is this required?

    • Yes, you must complete registration and be approved before August 31st. After Aug 31st, all unregistered traffic will be blocked.

  • Why do I have a Pending status:

    • When your registration is submitted it will be in a Pending status. The approval process varies and can be as quick as a few hours or take many business days. Our goal is to have you fill out the info as soon as possible to ensure you have ample time for having your info approved. While in Pending status you are still able to send messages. After Aug 31st any unregistered (unapproved) traffic will be blocked.

  • I made a mistake when I registered. Can I go back and fix it?

    • No, you will need to wait for an approved/rejected response from the registration before we can resubmit.

  • Do I select Sole Proprietor or Private Company?: 

    • Single-owner businesses or individuals that are using PB for personal use or for small businesses such as Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Social Selling, selling jewelry on Etsy, landscapers, etc will select Sole Proprietor.

    • If you are a private company that has an EIN (United States) or a Business Number (Canada) you can optionally register as a Private Company. We only recommend this if you have some form of corporate infrastructure and company policies like a privacy policy. Registering as a Private Company carries additional scrutiny related to the approval process. It does unlock higher throughput but the chance for rejection of your info is higher than with Sole Proprietor.

  • I am getting an “Invalid Phone” error when trying to submit my Sole Prop registration.

    • During Sole Prop registration you will provide your personal mobile number so that you can receive a text directly from the TCR. This can not be a Google Voice, Project Broadcast, VOIP, etc number and must be your personal cell number.

  • What Template do I select during registration?:

    • To aid in the completion of the registration process, Project Broadcast created a number of examples for you to leverage as a starting point for answering many of the questions. Please use the examples and tweak them as needed to fit your specific use case.

  • What to do for an invalid email: 

    • The TCR uses a third-party service to validate email addresses. Unfortunately, this 3rd party validator may return that your valid email address is undeliverable. There isn’t anything that Project Broadcast can do in this situation and our recommendation is that you create a new email address with a provider such as GMail and submit that email address with your registration.  The email address is not used for any communication but is a required field. It is possible to open a ticket with the TCR regarding your error but our concern is their response time will be quite slow and we don’t want that to impact your ability to send messages.

  • Will I be notified when my registration is approved or fails?  

    • Project Broadcast is working on a notification system to alert you of status changes on your registration. For now, please check back in your Project Broadcast account as your registration status is displayed in the menu.

  • Why am I seeing Registration Required in my account but my friend isn’t?

    • This could be that your app is not updated, or that you are using the Classic User Interface instead of our new one. Please go to the app store and make sure it's updated. Or click the "Try it now" button on the right-hand side of the web page when you first sign in.

  • What happens if I don’t get approved or see a Failed status? 

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