Start with Norwex

If you love Norwex products and you love the thought of enjoy one of the following:

🏵 getting ALL your Norwex products at a discount (35% off!)

🏵 Creating some extra income

🏵 Helping others switch their home to Norwex


See the details below to dig a little deeper into what the kit is and what this could unlock for you!

  How do I get started with Norwex?   

After you make the choice to try out being a Norwex consultant you can use the link above to sign up directly on my website. You instantly unlock all Norwex offers and any personal ones I am offering for my team. From there you enjoy all the perks of being a consultant including all the trainings to help you earn your kit for free, the income goal you have in mind or how to maximize your personal discount! The choice is up to you.


Benefit you unlock include but not limited to:

💚  the 35% consultant discount on all Norwex, including sale items
💚  6 months free of office suite (ability to take web orders from friends/family, add orders to a party to get your own host rewards, and more)
💚  all the resources and trainings to help you succeed as a consultant
💚  the chance to be part of our Norwex family and my team (Natural Achievers)

     Can I earn any freebies to get started?     

Yes! With the Starter Kit you pay $9.99 shipping and receive the whole thing upfront with the option to pay $200 plus tax after 90 days OR earn it for free with $1000 in retails sales in 30 days OR $2000 sale in 90 days!


You also have the ability to earn the FREEBIE BONUS BOX(quick start bonus) if you hit $400 in the first 15 days. PLUS a bath towel from me!


*Note - the builder kit mentioned below DOES count towards the sales goal to get both the freebie box AND the full starter kit sales!!!

     Do I have to do anything else at sign up?     

Technically no. You can sign up, place an order and walk away or you can do more than that. You join our team and then you can place your order(s) with your discount this month, next month, or down the road.


**But keep in mind, that you do need to order a few times a year to keep your discount. See below for info about our team celebration months. To help you remember to order.

     Is that really it?   

As mentioned above, there is an option at sign up to select the Kit Builder upgrade package. This is a ONE-TIME option and at an additional discount (45% off). This is OVER $608 worth of items, but $547 in retail product value, which DOES count towards the sales for the month and for both the bonus box AND if you want to get the full starter kit for free.


This is optional, but you can only get this deal at sign up. 


PLUS you get the BONUS BOX of freebies automatically when you do the kit builder upgrade. That means over $700 in product for a $317 plus tax!!!!  

    Do I ever have to do all the other stuff like parties or VIP groups?    

Nope! The great thing about Norwex is that you don't have to do the party thing and you don't even have to think of it as a business. You can just snag the discount, BUT you can still get the perks of host rewards by placing your orders (even with your discount) in a party link of your own and then cash out the host rewards when you are ready! How awesome is that?!?!?

    What else do I have to do after I sign up?  

In order to keep your discount after signing up, you will need to place orders a few times throughout the year. We are all so busy and if you are only signing up to get the discount, this can be challenging to remember. So, our team has been using something call Celebration Months (also known as Engagement Months).  I offer giveaways for various sales levels or group activity!


What's that mean? Well, that just means that as a team we encourage everyone to place orders (can be one order or multiple orders) in three designated months a year. Our months are April - August - December. So, in the months you want to take part you would make sure you submit orders that TOTAL $250 or more in retail value - which is before you apply your discount. 2x a year will ensures that you will keep you discount going!!!


What if you don't order in those months? Nothing really, you can choose when you want to order, but this is the easiest way to keep the discount going continuously throughout the year. While also supporting the team keep our status and get in on my bonus giveaways


What if you want to order outside of these months? Absolutely, you can place an order at ANY time but most discount or casual consultants will focus or aim for those three months since they are around special Norwex events and then anything else is just a bonus!

    Still have questions?    

I know that this was A LOT of information and you may be overwhelmed.


Think it over. Ask me questions. Let's talk it out and get a plan.


I'm here to help. No pressure. Just want to share this amazing option that is seriously the BEST. OPTION. EVER!!!!

Thanks for your time! Hope to see you on my team soon!  - Mandy