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Do you ever find yourself thinking that there's more out there for you? Perhaps you're a stay at home mom who would like to have a little something just for yourself. Something to create and nurture that's all yours while bringing in a little extra cash to supplement the budget, pay for vacation or the cushion to enroll your child(ren) in sports, dance, etc.


Or maybe you work full time in a job that leaves you less than thrilled. You're wanting something that provides a fun outlet or is a means of leaving a job that you dread going to each and every day?


Could it be that you're like me and you want multiple income streams to help build up your nest egg for retirement?


If you can see yourself (or someone you know) in any of these scenarios, I'd love to share more about the business aspect of Lemongrass Spa.


I always say that anyone can do direct sales but it isn't necessarily for everyone. The great thing is that you aren't signing a long term commitment such as a mortgage loan or a marriage license! You can try us on for size and see how we 'fit' and if it's just not your thing, you get to walk away with any money you've made and the products you've received. What do you have to lose?

Text me if you'd like to chat and learn more about how this might fit into your lifestyle and/or check out this link.


No inventory 

Minimal monthly purchase/sales requirement 

Earn 25-35% commission on sales 

Receive a 25% discount on personal purchases 

Five amazing kits to choose from

Earn money by working right from your phone

Kim Harris
Your Lemongrass Spa Consultant
Text LGSKim* to 984-213-1205 if you'd like to receive texts
about specials, product tips and more! 

*Clicking link will open your messaging app on your phone. 

Just hit the 'send' button to send the auto-populated keyword to me.