Host a Norwex Party!

If you love Norwex products & you love the thought of enjoying one of the following:

🏵 getting Norwex products for FREE!

🏵 Having an excuse to socialize with friends with a common interest

🏵 Helping others switch their home to Norwex


See the details below to find out more about the hosting experience!

Why Host a Norwex Party?

After you make the choice to try out being a Norwex host you can use the link above to sign up directly on my website.  From there you enjoy all the perks of being a host including unlocking FREE Host Rewards & Norwex Products! The choice is up to you.


Reasons to Host:

💚  Parties are simple and let guests know that you care enough for them to add them to your guest list.
💚  Curiosity about Norwex and it's Products.
💚  Allows you to show your guests how to have a more green home.
💚  Discover products that you may not be aware of and interesting ways of how to use them!

💚  ... Earn FREE Rewards!!


     How do I Host a Party??     

There are several ways that you can choose to host your party.  The following is a list and brief description of each:

  • Facebook - Held in a Facebook group, this the 2nd best option next only to a in person party! There is a 30 minute Live demo on the Thursday night so it’s quick for everyone to check out, and the replay stays in the group with the additional info posted to help your friends choose the best products for them!
  • Referral Link - I create a Referral Link, and you share with friends and family and earn rewards when they shop from your link. Can run from 2-8 weeks. Great for seasoned Norwexers, and I'm always available as a resource for any questions that anyone has!
  • In-Person/Home - One and done party with everyone getting together for information, product demonstrations , and some social interaction! 
  • Group Social - A group provides informative posts and short videos directly to the group over 2-5 days OR one evening - no fluff, just the good stuff! It's perfect for hosts and guests that don't have a lot of time to be checking Facebook and following posts. Hosts and guests are LOVING this format!  You can invite your family & friends.

What to expect at your Norwex Party

  • Your friends are going to be so excited to learn about saving their time and money with Norwex!
  • Your party can be held at your home, conference room, church meeting hall, or anywhere you typically gather with friends. Or online options are available too!
  • Together we will set a date and send invitations and reminders.
  • No prep is required, but consider serving light refreshments if you host an in-home party - it IS a party after all!
  • I will share a variety of products for your guests to experience, and demonstrate how they can help to save time & money! (and create a cleaner environment!)
  • If guests can't make it to the party, they can still order online and award the credit to your party.
  • Once we close your party, orders normally arrive within a week to ten days.

In-Person Workshops

You and your guests will have the chance to choose the product to make and take home!

The choices are:

  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Air Freshener
  • Dishwashing Spray
  • All-Purpose Cleaner

Together we will make the product of your choosing and learn a bit about how this simple switch can save you time and money!

Mandy will then tackle the host's biggest cleaning challenge in his/her home and share how she is doing it along the way!

This workshop would take right around an hour to complete, extended by social time after!

Mandy will supply:

  • The products to make the take home products
  • Information about each product
  • Education on similar products if requested
  • Fun prizes!
  • The chance for the host to earn free host dollars from Norwex
  • Workshop planning tips, ideas, and guidance

The Host is responsible for:

  • The location (must be within approximately 1 hour of Stratford, Ontario)
  • Access to water
  • A minimum of 2 guests, to a max of how many you can fit into your space
  • A tough cleaning challenge for Mandy to clean FOR YOU!!
  • Any snacks/drinks that you think your guests would enjoy while socializing\

The Guest will supply:

  • $10 to give you a NEW glass spray bottle to hold your product of choice (with the option for rebate to make it free!) $23+ in value!
  • Bring your own spray bottle to make it only $5 (with the option for rebate to make it free!) **if supplying your own, make sure the nozzle will give you either a mist or foaming spray for flexibility to choose any product.

How do Host Rewards Work?

The Norwex Host Rewards are extremely generous … so generous that many of my hosts are overwhelmed by the amount of FREE product they earn. From my last four demos the hosts on average received over $560 in FREE product!  Norwex is so generous, a few months back… one of my hosts earned $814.67 of FREE Product!!!  


The Norwex Host Rewards are based on the Total Guest Sales,  # of Buying Guests and # of New Bookings.  I like to called it the 4 STAR Rewards, because there are 4 great ways to earn free product and they all add up! Each month the Host Rewards are different and always awesome. Keep reading to see what you could earn this month for hosting a Norwex Party.

    Still have questions?    

I know that this was A LOT of information and you may be overwhelmed.


Think it over. Ask me questions. Let's talk it out and get a plan. 


I'm here to help. No pressure. Just want to share this amazing opportunity that is seriously the BEST. OPPORTUNITY. EVER!!!!

Thanks for your time! Hope to see you on my team soon!  - Mandy