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What would I use Vizzlie for? Check out this video for how to get started and walk through how to use your first template

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Join The Team's Vizzlie Group

We have created a team on Vizzlie for the whole team to use!


You can use this join team code to join the team in vizzlie: NAVIZZLIE
YES even if you are only using Vizzlie with the free option for your vip group only    


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Team Info

Did you know you can search our group on FB for any topic you would like?

Check out this link for all Vizzlie info on our team's FB Group > Natural Achievers FB Group

Tips for implementing using templates:

EXTRA IMPORTANT! Personalize the posts once you import any template - editing even a few words will keep you out of facebook jail!
✅Once you Schedule the template - go to the 1st post and "delay" or "Hurry" the post by a random amount of time (and make sure the button is checked to apply to the rest of the scheduled posts). This will ensure we aren't all posting the exact same post at the exact same time! 


✅Start with the "done for you" solution, and then slowly start tackling 1 day a week, or 2 days a week where you create your OWN personal content! 


✅Highly recommend going live one day a week!


✅ Think about turning one of the days a week into a prize post. You can do this by editing the "copy" of the post (the words) to include "Get entered in a draw for X by sharing your X in the comments"

VIP Group Template Codes

Your 🇨🇦 Jacket Leaders have partnered to create "Done for You" content for you Customer Groups on Facebook!


Save this link so you will always have access to the current Vizzlie codes for your Norwex Business


Current Vizzlie Codes "Done for You" VIP Group

You can use them ANY time of the year! The dates are just for reference for when they were created.


March April May 2022



Dec/Jan 2022/Feb









1st round:



Dec 15th start - End of Feb - 2023




28 days of opportunity posts

3S8RZ3N > from a join for Free month - but you can use most anytimes

This page was created by Mandy Voyce - Norwex Senior Executive Sales Leader    

For the Natural Achievers Team and sister teams!