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Kitchen Scrub Brush 🍽

😱 Problem
- Washing dishes is never a joy but did you know that store bought brushes can be a cluster of bacteria 🦠 yuck!

🙌🏻 Solution - This beautiful scrub brush dispenses dish soap with just one push of a button and brushes/scapes awaystick on food from pots & pans, bakeware, dishes and more! 

Don’t forget the scraper on the head of the brush 😘 

✅ BacLock in the bristles, handle & button 
✅ Replacement head available for purchase to minimize waste

Dishwashing Liquid 🍽 LIME

😱 Problem
- Traditional dishwashing liquids can’t handle grease and grime and unfortunately have unwanted harmful ingredients. Chemical residue can be left behind on dishes which then can transfer to your food 🤮 you are what you eat!

🙌🏻 Solution - A combination of enzymes, organic ingredients & biodegradable surfactants powers through the grease & grime - bonus no harm to the environment! 
Safe for glassware, flatware, pots & pans, fine China and other breakables.

✅ USDA certified 64% biobased 
✅ Bottle made with Oceanbound plastic 

⭐️NEW⭐️ Carpet Stain Remover 

😱 Problem - stains, stains and more stains on your carpet and upholstery! Traditional cleaners can be harmful and stinky - plus adding to the plastic waste. 

🙌🏻 Solution - The NEW formula is tough on stains and odours from pets, dirt, grease, organic waste, food and drinks!


✅ Enzymes work hard on those stains & odours 
✅ Prevents stains from returning 
✅ Carpet & Rug certified seal of approval 
✅ USDA certified 75% biobased 


Pairs with your Forever Spray Bottle!

Mineral Sunscreen ☀️

- Just from being outside and in front of your phone you’re being exposed to UV light and blue right rays! UV light can be responsible for 90% of visible changes to the skin and blue light and other environmental factors are responsible for the other 10%!

🚨Most skin cancers are caused by too much UV rays 
🚨Studies show that blue light from cell phones, computer screens & even street lights may increase your risk of cancer
🚨Many sun care products contain chemicals have been found to penetrate the bloodstream and remain at levels higher than deemed safe by the FDA
🚨Previous research shows that some ingredients in the FDA study can disrupt hormones and can lead to infertility, poor birth outcomes for babies and even cancer


🙌🏻 Solution - Exclusive Anti-aging formula with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection plus pollution and blue light defence 
✅ Pollustop - acts as an anti-pollution agent 
✅ EgergiNius - based on the Ashwaganda plant helps protect from blue light 
✅ Nordic Antioxidant blends protect skin form daily free radicals

Refrigerator Drawer Liners 🥕🥦🍎🍓🍌

😱 Problem - Trying to keep produce fresh is difficult and can lead to waste 
📝 Fruits and Veggies are the most commonly wasted - approximately 99lbs a year per household 
🚨 30-40% of the US food supply is wasted, which is about 133 billion lbs and $161 billion.
🚨 Decomposing food waste produces methane which contributes to global warming 
🚨 Reducing food waste could feed 25 million Americans every year 
🚨 Canadians waste about $1,300 in food waste a year 
🚨 Canadians waste about 2.3 million tonnes of edible food costing $21 Billion 

🙌🏻 Solution - Drawer liners extend the life of your produce by 2 weeks by absorbing moisture and repent bruising. 
✅ Keeps your fridge cleaner 
✅ Helps items stay in place in your shelves 
✅ Saves money 
✅ Reusable 
✅ Includes BacLock

Chenille Bath Mat 🚿

😱 Problem - Traditional bath mats aren’t very absorbent and harbour bacteria, fungi and more!


🙌🏻 Solution - This plush microfiber absorbs water quickly! Made from recycled microfiber yarn and includes our trademark Baclock which prevents fungus, mold and bacterial odours


✅ Slip resistant 
✅ Machine wash - hang to dry

Kitchen Cloth in Heathered Oatmeal 🍽

This cloth was made for the messes, so bring it on! 💪🏻 
Whether it’s wiping down your appliances, counters, tables and all those crumby messes - there’s nothing it can’t handle! 

😱 Problem - your kitchen is a MESS from meal time and your current “rag” smells like feet.
🙌🏻 Solution - The Norwex Kitchen Cloth!
✨Super absorbent 
✨Convenient size 
✨Contains Baclock

Kitchen Towel in Heathered Oatmeal 🍽

😱 Problem - Normal towels aren’t that absorbent and leave those linty particles behind!

🙌🏻 Solution - Norwex Kitchen Towels are ultra-absorbent and dry super fast!

✅ This beautiful towel is perfect for drying dishes, wiping and cleaning your sink and cleaning up big spills!

Window Cloth Mitt ✨ 
Let’s turn the spotlight to this NEW product colour, drum roll please! The Window Cloth Mitt in leaves!

Just when you thought your window cleaning routine couldn’t get any easier - Norwex shocks us with this!

It’s not just for your windows - but polish up your mirrors, glass, stainless steel and anything with a shine ✨

☀️Lavender Liquid Detergent☀️

This detergent has a unique blend of enzymes that easily break down and remove all kinds of odours and organic stains! You can trust that there’s no harmful chemicals, tough ones dirt but not the environment! 🌎

🌿It’s biodegradable and USDA certified 97% biobased content 
🧺Ultra Concentrated - over 10 times more than most leading brands 
🌳215 loads in a HE or 107 in a conventional
Now in a beautiful LAVENDER scent 💐