Cami Care & Wear 

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Cami Care Tips


🔹 Keep in mind that no one has ever worn the items, so they will be the snuggest at first, the fabric will release & conform to you after a few wears becoming a custom fit to your curves.

🔹 Best time to try on is right out of the shower, this helps to ensure no lotions, perfume or deodorant will transfer to the garments. Try wearing it for 30 mins at least, it should give you an idea if it fits. Think of it as a new pair of leather shoes. Don't smoke, or pick up pets, etc, keep it clean.


🔹 If you are having any issues (fitting or rolling), PLEASE message me ASAP, 95% of the time it's a simple adjustment that needs to be done. Let's get a fit check set up. 

Cami Care Instructions


Use regular detergent, but if you use super-concentrate it's recommended to split the amount for delicate fabrics.

🔹 Machine wash COLD--Delicate Cycle

🔹 NO--OxiClean, Fabric Softener, Bleach, Woolite

🔹 Hand-wash if you prefer


Cami Wear Tips & Instructions

Watch these short videos to help you understand how to put your products on, release the fabric & properly adjust to ensure you get the perfect fit & support. 

I'm excited to hear how much you love your NEW brafree life!

Let's schedule your Fit Check.