Simplify Client Follow Up with Project Broadcast!

Customer follow up is #1 for this business!  Automate it to save yourself time and maximize how many clients and team members you can stay connected with!

The link above will give you 50% off your first month or 10% off your first year, depending which plan you want.

Bundle Codes you Can use!

Make sure that you edit the wording to sound like you, and to personalize any links, photos etc!

Follow Ups


PPeWlnPVq - Mandy Voyce's Follow Up ALL


Follow Up - Random Reorder

Follow Up - Facebook Event

Follow Up - Host - No rebook

Follow Up - Host - Rebooked



Deep Clean

Sale Options

Follow Up - Thank you - repeat purchases



deepclean, bye, allsales, newexclusive, bigonly, salelist

Landing Pages


qtg8Kghbqbw  - Mandy Voyce's Landing Pages Starter Set

Landing Pages:

Specials - Clients -February 2023 mine
Clone of Specials - Clients - TEMPLATE

ZOpportunity Info - Regular month - training

Flash Sales


PMj7cNcgfTQ - Mandy Voyce's Flash Sales Start Up

Landing Pages:

zJune Flash Sale - Mandy



Flash Sale - Buying Club Month

Flash Sale - Clients

Tips for implementing using bundles:

EXTRA IMPORTANT! Personalize the items in the bundle once you import any template - editing to your own voice/links/name,  check any photos as well
✅ Check timing, the templates should be in EST, but make sure it's during a time on day when you would be sending a text to people


✅Start with the "done for you" solution, and then slowly start tackling other places you want to automate..onboarding, host coaching, relace your link tree, info landing pages for parties or products, the sky is the limi

Links for more trainings!

The Project Broadcast Training website (you get free credits for completing them!):


Project Broadcast Facebook group:


Project Broadcast training Facebook group for Norwex Consultants!!:


Susan's Video going over her party with landing pages:


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