Free 8 weeks love your Body and Mind

by Jeannete

Ever feel there is so much you want to do before life is over, but you feel overwhelmed and you end up doing nothing? Do you feel stressed, have trouble sleeping and have no energy to exercise? Tried vitamins and supplements hoping to help with low energy and get better sleep? If they didn’t work, and there is still no energy left for the day to exercise or take evening walks please read on …

Most people struggle as the years go on and accept it as their fate.

I totally get it!


I used to struggle to keep up my energy to have time with what needed to be done whether it was professionally, or with my household, a family of five.

I always felt overwhelmed with too many balls in the air and was afraid of dropping them!

I never started exercise until in my 40's, I found my mojo in triathlon, and I l love how exercise changed my life. But when I hit my 50's it took more effort to keep going.

I knew my body needed a change, not just on the outside, I needed a change on the inside too.

The good news is, I found a solution … phew!


I created this free 8 weeks program to help you become the best possible version of you… To help you find your mojo and start your healthy Journey. 


This is not a quick fix, it’s a change in mindset and outlook on health. It's about supporting ourselves through workouts, mindfulness, and eating right to fuel our bodies!


I hope you like it,

with warmest regards

Your Wellnesshacker aka Jeannete


This video/podtalk features My story a novice in my 40's
to an Ironman