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Building Better Barbers, it's what we do!

If you are on a desktop you may need to text "mastermind" to (503) 549-4463

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Mastermind of Greatness at CBI!


If you have a strong desire to:

  • Invest in your personal and professional growth and development.
  • Serve the public by helping them become their best selves.
  • Take control of your future and shape a life you can be proud of.

Then CBI's Barbering program is tailored specifically for you.


CBI Alumni Graduate:

  • With fundamental skills in haircutting
  • Ready for the real world and the workforce
  • Debt free with no looming interest or principle payments


The next and final class of 2023 will begin on 

September 25, 2023



We are always one decision away from greatness or stagnation. As individuals, it's our responsibility to choice, because by default a decision is always being made.  ~ Mrs. Lane