Amy White, Manager
Independent Lilla Rose Stylist


Thank you for visiting my Lilla Rose website! I'm from Tulsa, OK and have been a LR Stylist since 2015. I look forward to introducing you to the amazing accessories Lilla Rose has to offer and help you find beautiful solutions for your hair. Hope to hear from you soon! Click below to learn more about me and my family!


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I am honored that there is a new gorgeous Flexi Flip,  Hairband, Swerve & Stick that have been named after me! 🤩


Thanks to my amazing customers, here are some recent awards I have received!
Thank you for supporting my Lilla Rose business! 💜  Amy


October 2022 3rd Place Top Sales
1st Quarter 2022 Manager Top Sales
February 2022 1st Place Top Sales

2021 Lilla Royals Award 
5th Place in Sales for 2021

On a Personal Note...

Many of my customers have been praying for my husband, Jeremy. He has had a lot of health issues over the last 5 years that have escalated over the last 2 years. He was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his lung. He had surgery to remove the lower lobe of his lung on April 28th. He was then in the hospital for 44 days because of complications. He is home now, but still has significant health issues.  I appreciate your patience and grace if it takes me a little longer to reply to texts or requests for assistance due to the circumstances.


Thank you for remembering my family in your prayers!

💜 Amy

Guatemala Mission Trip to Casa Aleluya ~ Summer 2021

Amy White, Manager
Independent Lilla Rose Stylist

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