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Chemical Awareness Specialist


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Welcome!   I am passionate about helping all of God’s people.  I believe when you give your body the right tools, and you have the right mindset, your body has the ability to repair itself, whether that is 50%, 80%, or 100%.   

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I am a book author, international speaker, and well-known wellness educator.  After overcoming major health problems and setbacks, I  have work diligently since 2007 to help not only my own family, but others as well.

Often mixing humor with awareness as I expose the hidden chemicals in our everyday products we unknowingly ingest and use in our daily lives. I am passionate about informing people about how their body works, emotional and hormone health,  poopn’, practical approach to living a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle, Jesus, and so much more. 

Living Balanced, an overview about how to transform to a more natural way of life! 


Better Health starts with removing toxins from your environment and making responsible lifestyle changes; for what you Eat, Drink, Think,  and Do.


Working towards an overall healthy

body, mind, and soul are all key to

a Balanced life!


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Meet the Kimbrell's

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Stacey’s husband, Steve, of more than 32 years, and two sons, August 27, and Austin, 23 yrs old; they were 12 and 8 when we first started striving for health, wellness, and chemical-free living.  We also have two dogs; Russell, 13, and Chewie, 9.  We all love and use our YL products daily. “God has blessed us with the knowledge of how to restore our family’s health and well-being.”

Stacey's Story

Stacey has a need to always be productive and has always had the ability to look at the Big-picture.  Believed that anything is possible even if you don’t have the Credentials to back it up. She still would achieve it.


Her skillset and desire to love to learn, grow, has had her experience jobs from 1st job, selling lemonade, babysitting, mowing lawns, cleaning, detailing cars, construction, fire department, ambulance, ER & Trauma Tech, Medical Management, project manager, hospice care and many more.


Our family lived in California, and were looking to move to Michigan where Stacey grew up so that Stacey would be able to be a stay at home mom.  With both children in special education for speech, learning disable and one child with occupation therapy and behavior issues, life was pretty overwhelming.  Our family was struggling mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.  Everyday seemed like groundhog day, same thing over and over without progression of improvement. 


In the beginning it was not easy realizing the financial hurt they would be in from stepping away from a Medical corporate paying job to be a stay at home mom was a struggle. Not to mention after a few years she did not have enough personal stimulation and did not feel like she was living her purpose in life outside of raising a family.


Prior to Young Living Stacey had her own successful business she loved, as a Professional Organizer for residential and commercial business with a staff of 6.  Unbeknownst to her, Jesus had a new business opportunity coming her way.  Within 3 months all of her staff was unable to work anymore. 1 month later, she got introduced to Young Living Essential oils and Chemical awareness.


Stacey’s family was vacationing at Rose Hill Resort in Michigan when her son August sprained his ankle. Away from home, she had no access to her usual go-to over-the-counter medications. The swelling was such that she had to carry her son to Barb (the resort owner) to ask if she had any Tylenol or Motrin available. Barb said no, but she did have Young Living Oils she could try. 

Coming from a 14 year medical background, Stacey put her complete trust in modern medicine. Her attitude was, “Natural remedies are old-fashioned, and if they worked, why aren’t they used in hospitals?”


After rolling her eyes, Stacey asked her husband if he wanted to try it. Her husband said, “We have to do something. We may as well try it.” As she applied essential oils to August’s ankle, Barb gave a brief explanation of what essential oils are. Seeing that her son was able to put weight on his ankle in 6 minutes, Stacey began to ask Barb many questions. Stacey then asked her husband where August was. Looking out the window, her husband said, “He’s running down the path. The next morning Stacey’s family attended a Young Living class at Barb’s cabin that was July 23, 2007 and the rest is history.


The family got home a few days later on August 1st, that afternoon as soon as Stacey could get to her computer, is when the  journey started.  Trying to disprove what she was just taught, she began to research foods her family was consuming.  After linking health issues to certain foods that were a normal part of her family’s diet; she began a personal investigation on these everyday products.  Stacey was horrified by the number of chemicals and unidentifiable ingredients that were in the very products her family used on a daily basis.

Stacey then focused on creating a healthy holistic lifestyle she watched her entire family’s health improve, including improvement to her long time struggle with a painful bladder disease known as Interstitial Cystitis. Beginning with food, personal care products, baby products and cleaning supplies her discoveries lead to the undeniable truths  to chronic health issues and the health issues in her family as well.  

Stacey now travels around the world to share her simple and practical approach to a healthy toxic free lifestyle, through improved dietary choices, alternative cleaning solutions and 100% natural personal care products.  She is now an internationally known speaker, a Toxic Chemical Specialist, and the Author of “Living Balanced.” and a passionate Health Advocate.  Stacey exposes the hidden chemicals in everyday products we unknowingly consume and use in our everyday lives.  Stacey provides a simple and practical approach based on biblical principles.


Read about her life-changing discoveries in her book, “Living Balanced,” and turn your hope for health and wellness into reality for you and your family.

One of my favorite verse is....  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge HOSEA 4:6  
I like to add... not for a Lack of Love, nor Prayer, nor Faith, but a lack of knowledge!